1. I want to open a patient cooperative or have my collective listed on Beverly Hills NORML’s site.
See “provider guidelines” (Link Coming Soon)  Listing information is at the bottom of the page.

2. Can I legally grow medical marijuana to sell?
Under state law,  the California Compassionate Use Act of 1996 (Prop. 215) patients and their “primary caregivers” are protected from criminal prosecution under state law for personal possession and cultivation of marijuana, but NOT for distribution or sale to others.  State law was expanded in 2004 by a new law, Senate Bill 420 (Health & Safety Code 11362.7-8). Among other things, SB 420 authorized patient “cooperatives” or “collectives” to distribute or sell medical marijuana on a non-profit basis to their members. It also allows duly designated primary caregivers who consistently attend to patients’ needs and collective members to charge for their labour and services in providing marijuana.

3. How much medical marijuana can I grow? What are the local laws (county laws) or guidelines?
See “Local Medical Marijuana Cultivation & Possession Guidelines”

4. Where can I find a cannabis cooperative, collective, dispensary or delivery service?
See our list of Cannabis Patient’s Cooperatives, Support Groups and Delivery Services. (links coming soon).  Beverly Hills NORML makes no representation as to the quality, service, reliability, or compassion of any of the coops, dispensaries, delivery services or patients’ groups listed.

5. Where can I find a physician to recommend medical marijuana?
Any California licensed physician can recommend or approve your use of medical marijuana.

6. Do I need an I.D. card?
They are voluntary, but may protect you better from arrest. For additional information Contac Us.

7. I get drug tested at my job. Can I use medical marijuana?
Not necessarily. The California Supreme Court ruled that employers can discriminate against medical marijuana users. The legislature passed a bill to change that in 2008, but Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoed it.

8. Can I take my medical marijuana on a plane?
Some airports, like Los Angeles and Oakland are respectful of patients’ rights, but others like Arcata and Burbank aren’t. Since airports are Federal property it’s a risk. If you’re flying out of California, check for reciprocity with state law (if they have one).

9. I am coming to California. Can I use medical marijuana there? 
With a California doctor’s recommendation. Most require residency.

10. Is hashish covered under the medical marijuana laws?

11. Can I use medical marijuana while on probation or parole?

Yes, unless the judge specifies that you cannot under the terms of your probation, which you may appeal. You can request that the judge affirm your use of medical marijuana or modify the terms of your probation to allow medical marijuana use. See Section 11362.795 of SB420 People v. Tilehkooh established that itis stated, not federal law that governs this question.

12. How can I join Beverly Hills NORML90210.org?
See “Membership”. (link coming soon)