Board of Directors

Cheryl Shuman,  Executive Director

Cheryl Shuman, C.E.O. has been interviewed for hundreds of television programs, newspapers and magazines, including but not limited to: Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, Today Show NBC, HBO Entertainment News, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and more.

Through her personal relationships and connections with Hollywood elite, is the first and only company of their kind and at the forefront of entertainment marketing, celebrity endorsements, product placement integration, sponsorships, production and technology.

Fred Rhoades, Treasurer & Director of Operations

Since 1818, Mayflag Farm has produced agriculture’s finest pioneers. Frederic Rhoades represents an honored family tradition with 600 acres as a respected organic farmer, nutrition expert, businessman and entrepreneur. He is a father of four children and an expert in the field of Organics and Natural foods. Fred began building an Organic produce and Natural foods company that was the anchor in the Historical North Market in downtown Columbus, Ohio.

Fred spent his early years in Northern California, specifically Santa Cruz and the South Bay area absorbing the culture. In the early 80’s, his passion for health and nutrition brought his California experiences back to the family farm in Ohio. Fred’s expertise in Organic Farming lead him to work with several national and local institutions including United States Department of Agriculture, Organic Crop Improvement Association, Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association and The Ohio State University. Ohio State Department of Agriculture recognized Mr. Rhoades expertise in the field of organics and utilized his farm for agricultural training. Students and internship workshop programs helped give actual hands on experience and problem solving to help the student complete their graduate thesis. Their work experience under the internships supervised by Rhoades implemented the state of the art organics farming techniques used today.

In 2007, Fred met a woman that would change his life forever. Cheryl Shuman was an acquaintance diagnosed as terminal with cancer and lung disease. When they met, Fred immediately jumped in as caregiver. During that process they made the decision to use natural remedies and cannabis therapy. With Fred’s help, Cheryl Shuman is in remission and living an active life in spite of all odds.

Fred Rhoades and Cheryl Shuman have worked together starting a small farm in Northern California, where they hope to bring all their focus and knowledge to the business of healing. Complying with the Attorney General guidelines of California they formed “Shaman Therapeutics” a Private Non-Profit Medical Cannabis Collective that serves seriously ill patients in both Northern and Southern California.

Fred and Cheryl work together as the Founders of the Beverly Hills NORML Chapter. Together they work with other collectives, activists and medical marijuana patients working to reform marijuana laws in Beverly Hills. “This is a challenging time as a legal medical marijuana patient. Laws and politics are changing on a daily basis, says Fred Rhoades.” “The prohibition of such a miraculous healing plant must stop. As a patient, caregiver and activist I will stand strong to fight for legalization and safe access for everyone.”

Fred Rhoades is the Director of Operations for Beverly Hills

Eric Brenner, Host of “The California Marijuana Report”

The California Marijuana Report ™ with former Westwood One news reporter, KGO radio producer, screen actor and Libertarian activist Eric Brenner. The CMR is a new weekly segment on the NORML DAILY AUDIO STASH. This podcast will focus on California marijuana news and music. We go beyond the headlines and interview elected officials and marijuana law experts as well as profile California residents currently incarcerated or being prosecuted for marijuana offenses. This weekly demand for liberty will not end until every single Californian imprisoned for marijuana sees daylight again. All Californians whose lives are being disrupted for so-called marijuana crimes have a voice here on The California Marijuana Report.